Sharik was born when several pet stores in a row did not have a beautiful enough collar for one of our dogs.

Then we decided to make beautiful and practical collars, leashes and other things necessary for the dog. We not only come up with design with passion, but also carefully select the components for our products, because in the case of accessories for dogs, practicality and reliability are almost more important than beauty. If you have bought something from us, expect the questions “Wow! Where did you get it? And don't forget to prepare your dog for the increased attention from others!

By the way, we called ourselves Sharik, because at that moment we were looking for owners for a dog with that name. Now Sharik (this is a girl) is already at home, and we continue to help dogs as much as we can: periodically we select puppies and adult dogs and look for their owners, and we also organize charity events in favor of shelters and animal protection organizations.

We hope you and your dogs enjoy what we do. If you have any wishes, suggestions, or just want to chat or ask a question, please contact us.

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