Basically Perfect Snacks Horse 250g
Basically Perfect Snacks Horse 250g

Basically Perfect Snacks Horse 250g

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To all sensitive dogs, we got your back!

Hypoallergenic Basically Perfect Snacks made from easily digestible horse meat, healthy linseed flour and soothing healing earth for sensitive stomachs. Carrots, potatoes and raw apple fiber ensure a balanced proportion of dietary fiber, which promotes healthy intestinal activity.

Highly digestible source of protein, particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and dogs that are sensitive to feeding

Linseed flour
Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vegetable protein and fibre

Apple fiber
Valuable roughage to support the healthy intestinal flora

Well-tolerated vegetables for dogs that are rich in provitamin A, ß-carotene and contain large amounts of pectin that stabilizes the gastrointestinal tract

Potato flakes
Easily digestible carbohydrate source

Our snacks are 0.7-1 cm in size and are suitable for small and large dogs.

Composition: 78% horse meat 9% organic flaxseed flour 5% healing earth 4% organic potatoes 3% carrots 2% raw apple fiber  Analytical components: 58 % raw protein, 25.3% raw fat, 6.4 % raw ash, 7.8 % moisture, 3.1 % crude fiber 

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