Duck trachea for dogs – 100% Natural Snack
Duck trachea for dogs – 100% Natural Snack

Duck trachea for dogs – 100% Natural Snack

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Dental snack – 100% natural teether for dogs.

Duck tracheas are a natural snack for dogs. It is an easy, light snack, with low hardness and crunchy texture . It is suitable for any size dog and is highly recommended for small dogs that do not dare with other varieties with larger tracheas or are new to natural snacks.

It is a very versatile snack . They can be easily broken by hand, this way you can use them as a dental snack or as a natural reward for your dog. In addition, their high palatability and aroma make them one of our best-rated snacks .

TIP : If you have a little patience you can also fill these tracheas with wet or soft food. Your dog won't be able to resist!

Duck tracheas provide protein, calcium and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium and zinc. They are rich in glucosamine and collagen that help strengthen bones and joints.

Duck tracheas are a good option for dogs with food allergies or intolerances. And chewing it will keep our dog's teeth healthy, strong and clean.

Each bag contains 7 duck tracheas of about 12-15 cm. And thanks to its easy-open packaging, you can comfortably open the bag anywhere you are.

We recommend this natural snack for small, medium and large dogs of all breeds and ages. Ideal for dogs new to natural snacks.

Ingredients: 100% Dehydrated duck trachea

7 units | 12 – 15 cm approx.

As these are natural products, the size and weight may vary.
We always recommend giving all snacks under supervision.

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