Interactive Toy Nina Ottoson Tornado
Interactive Toy Nina Ottoson Tornado

Interactive Toy Nina Ottoson Tornado

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The philosophy of Nina Ottosson is that the dog needs to be developed not only physically, but also psychologically. Since 1889, Nina Ottosson has been designing original interactive toys for dogs.

Advantage of Nina Ottosson interactive toys:

  • Contribute to the mental development of dogs;
  • Help prevent and reduce unwanted behavior;
  • Help to cope with the excess weight of the pet;
  • Strengthen the bond between dog and owner.

Educational games by Nina Ottosson will bring you and your dog a lot of positive emotions!

Game principle:

Dog Tornado is a medium difficulty game (difficulty level 2) suitable for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes.

The essence of the game is that the dog must learn to rotate the disks in different directions in order to find a treat. The game "Tornado" has four levels of disks, three of which have special compartments where treats can be placed. The game is complicated by the fact that the discs can be fixed with white blocks-bones. The dog must learn to retrieve these blocks in order to be able to spin the discs and look for treats.

Dog Tornado is an enjoyable and fun way to spend time with your dog!


Introduce the dog to the game, let it sniff. Let the dog watch as you place treats in the discs. Place the discs so that the dog can see the treats between them. Then command "Forward!" and give the pet some time to figure out what's what. If the dog does not understand what is required of him, point your finger at the indentations with the treat. Be sure to immediately praise the dog for its success!

When the dog understands the essence of the game, start to gradually complicate it: place the discs one under the other so that the dog does not see the treat. When the dog copes with this task successfully, start fixing the blocks with white blocks-bones.

If the dog tries to rip through the plastic pieces, stop the game, and when the dog calms down, try again. If your dog is constantly interested in details, teach him to use only his paws.

In hot weather, you can mix the treats with water, pour some of the resulting mixture into the recesses and put the game in the freezer.

Toy "Tornado" for animals is easy to clean.

Precautionary measures:

The dog is not allowed to gnaw or bite the game. Do not leave your dog playing unattended. The game is only for animals, it is not suitable for children! The game is suitable for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes.

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