Organimal Propolis - Dogs - 15ml

Organimal Propolis - Dogs - 15ml

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Supports your dog with allergies, respiratory problems, skin problems, intestinal problems, poor resistance and much more. This extremely versatile supplement is specially tailored to your dog because - unlike most types of alcohol-based propolis - it is dissolved in water, which greatly improves acceptance. Organimal 10% water-based propolis tincture is obtained from pure, high-quality propolis extract and is 100% natural, safe and free of artificial and chemical additives. Organimal Propolis also distinguishes itself because it only comes from Europe. As with all our products, no unnecessary fillers are used.

Propolis is known as the secret of the bees. Bees live together in colonies of up to 50,000. Good protection against invading germs is therefore essential.

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