Rainbow Set by Pawzler
Rainbow Set by Pawzler
Rainbow Set by Pawzler
Rainbow Set by Pawzler
Rainbow Set by Pawzler
Rainbow Set by Pawzler

Rainbow Set by Pawzler

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Pawzler is a mental stimulation toy that keeps your dog entertained.

Rainbow set is a dog puzzle that will keep your dog entertained as they use their natural hunting skills to find hidden treats. The set includes treat-hiding mechanisms that require slide pushing, lid lifting, pulling, and lid turning. Each set includes at least one base which holds individual pawzles. You can fill the compartments with treats, regular dog food, or even peanut butter for your dog to find. 

Hint: If you turn yellow and orange pawzles in different directions, you can change the toy’s difficulty level.

Size (LxWxH): 24 x 18 x 6 cm
Weight:0,6 kg

Pawzler is dishwasher safe. After taking it out of the dishwasher, rinse with warm water to get rid of any potential residue.

Tips to make Pawzler last longer:

Play together and keep a close watch to teach your dog how to play with Pawzler. In case your dog starts to chew on the toy or exhibits other signs of frustration, encourage them and redirect their attention to finding the treats. You can also remove the toy and give it back once they are calm, to continue the play.

It is important that Pawzler isn’t mistaken for a chew toy. That will help the toy last longer, and more importantly, keep your furry friend safe. Once all the treats have been found, remove the toy to prevent excess chewing.

Also, inspect for damage and remove broken parts. Don’t worry, in case of damage, you do not need to buy a whole new toy as each pawzle is individually replaceable (check out the shop).

why Pawzler?

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