ROCK'N'DOG 2.0 Treat Clutch Bag + Poop Bags

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Clutch bag in an updated version: with a compartment for cleaning roll bags and an opening through which it is convenient to take them out one by one. One roll of sachets comes as a gift with each bag.

But the main star of this bag is the lock-clutch.

Let's explain in detail. Such a lock is a metal frame on two springs, which is inserted inside the bag. The frame keeps the bag open when you need it to give your dog treats. You can close the bag in a fraction of a second with one hand movement. It is very convenient if you need, for example, to quickly bend over and at the same time not to spill treats to the delight of the dog. Or prevent impudent theft of pieces right out of the bag (only take care of the dog's nose so that it does not click)!

The inner compartment is divided into two parts: you can put two types of treats (and more!). There is an external zip pocket for keys and a phone. Plus a small D-ring on the side, near the waist belt - you can attach something to it, for example, a clicker.

Material: Oxford with water-repellent impregnation
Size: 21x18 cm
Belt girth: 54-120cm

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