100% Natural Dog Treat - Iberian Pig Ear
100% Natural Dog Treat - Iberian Pig Ear

100% Natural Dog Treat - Iberian Pig Ear

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100% natural dental snack for dogs.

Iberian pig ear is a natural snack for dogs. This snack is medium-high hard so it will serve both medium-sized dogs and large dogs or dogs with strong jaws.

This natural snack has a high palatability and great aroma. Your dog won't be able to resist!

Pig ear is a perfect dental snack for dogs that have a tendency to chew on objects, as it provides them with a safe and healthy way to satisfy their natural chewing instinct . In addition, it is a great ally to combat stress and boredom.

Pig ear is an excellent source of protein, phosphorus and calcium and, being from Iberian pigs, it also provides oleic acids, which are very beneficial for the health and well-being of our dog.

In addition, chewing it will keep our dog's teeth healthy, strong and clean.

Each bag contains 1 pig ear measuring about 15-16cm and, thanks to its easy-open packaging, you can comfortably open the bag anywhere you are.

Recommended for medium and large sized dogs or dogs with strong jaws. 

Ingredients: 100% dehydrated Iberian pig ear

1 unit | 16cm approx.

*As these are natural products, the size and weight may vary.
*We always recommend giving all snacks under supervision

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