Absolute 4Poodle - The Best Anti - Static Volume Spray

Absolute 4Poodle - The Best Anti - Static Volume Spray

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Here it is, the new finishing spray dedicated to all races with volume or needing to be derided! Gives an exceptional shiny result, this spray is unique on the market!

Properties of the spray

Absolute 4Poodle is an anti-static, leave-in conditioner spray, specially designed for poodle fur ... but it works wonders in all breeds including coat inflates, friezes, or needs to be straightened! I ndispensable for straightening then cutting with scissors, thanks to its formula enriched with cashmere protein and white Alba truffle extract, this anti-curl spray gives texture and volume to the coat without l 'to become heavier.

Advice for use

Out of the box, Absolute 4Poodle hydrates the crimped structure of the fodder and helps tame even the toughest curls. From the first use, the coat is light and rehydrated, naturally disciplined, ready to be cut, styled or prepared for a competition. Also ideal as a last minute conditioner when the hair is shrinking or losing volume, Absolute 4Poodle regenerates the coat during brushing and leaves a pleasant Special One fragrance on the fur.

Natural Ingredients

The formula of Absolute 4Poodle is precious and refined.

Enriched with cashmere proteins, which make the coat compact, luminous and hydrated, this anti-static conditioner contains a precious extract of organic Alba truffle: an Italian excellence known as a cosmetic ingredient with extraordinary anti-aging properties and conditioning, which gives the coat an unprecedented filling effect and long-lasting elasticity.

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