Aqua Beauty - Detangling Milk

Aqua Beauty - Detangling Milk

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AQUA BEAUTY is a professional conditioner  with two actions that particularly distinguish it:

  • Optimized detangling, just as fast as it is effective
  • Immediate straightening/straightening of fur

What benefits can I expect?

✅ Smoothes, straightens, and removes coat waves
✅ Sheath, protects, strongly conditions the hair
✅ Protective action of the fur, whether it is poorly maintained (not very careful customers in grooming salons) or on the contrary very much in demand (show dogs)
✅ Effective and fast detangling
✅ Remove static electricity 
✅ Moisturising action 
✅ Prevents hair breakage 
✅ Avoids the rapid return of knots 
✅ Allows successful blow-drying, making the hair very slippery and relaxed (even when there is a feeling of snagging when starting drying)

🍀 Rich in orchid extract (moisturizing, revitalizing and softening action) 
🍀 African tulip ( gives shine, tone and energy to the fur

Suggestions for usage: 

Spray Aqua Beauty 20-30cm from the hair. Brush/comb.
✨Ideal for daily brushing between baths ✨
✨Very useful during dry detangling✨

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