Aquarosa Pro - Special One

Aquarosa Pro - Special One

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AQUAROSA PRO is a Special One professional shampoo  dedicated to fur in strong need of nourishment.


🍀 Wild Rose/Eglantine and Mallow extracts (rich in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, provitamin A and unsaturated fatty acids)
🍀 Flavonoids and vitamins C (stimulate collagen synthesis and fight against cellular aging)
🍀  Chlorella ( hydrates while detoxifying)
🍀  Sea water (highly purifying)
🍀 SLS-free shampoo

Even with very frequent use, the products remain soft and respectful of the skin and hair.
What benefits can you expect? 
✅ A gentle bath for dogs & cats of all ages (from babies to seniors)
✅ Deeply cleans and sanitizes
✅ Gives a boost of shine to all hairs
✅ Avoid the return of knots  
✅ Intense and immediate nutrition from the first shampoo
 Increases natural defenses to protect the keratin structure
✅ Better shine and a more pleasant feel to the hair
✅ Makes detangling and brushing easier 
✅ Treats oily skin problems by preserving the hydrolipic film without attacking
✅  Allows frequent bathing without any risk for the skin and coat
✅  Helps to give the best version of the hair, regardless of the breed: dogs with volume will keep their natural volume, while silky coated hairs will stay that way, and will be more beautiful than ever!
Suggestions & Examples: 

Example 1 🔥 For fast, economical and extremely effective grooming:

Start the bath directly with diluted Aquarosa pro, on the previously wet hair. Rinse. Make a second shampoo which you will also rinse.
At the end of the bath, you will finish with one of the usual conditioners: Hydrating Cream, Bombastic or Aqua Dolce as needed.

Example 2 🔥 For ultra intense action in one shampoo:
Whether for detangling in the salon, repairing very damaged or knotted fur, or on the contrary amplifying a show grooming by looking for an immediate shine, start the bath with a first pre-bath mask based on Bio Energy or Bombastic. Also add 4 elements oils or Hydrating Cream.

Apply Aquarosa Pro directly after the Bio Energy Plus mask, without rinsing in between.
For increased effectiveness, concentrate even more and couple with Bombastic. 
Leave for a few moments, and massage if possible. Two recommended shampoos.
Finalize the  bath  using a conditioner or mask.

Shipping Time is 2-3 business days.

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