Aquarosa Pro

Aquarosa Pro

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AQUAROSA PRO is a Special One professional shampoo  dedicated to fur in strong need of nourishment.


🍀 Wild Rose/Eglantine and Mallow extracts (rich in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, provitamin A and unsaturated fatty acids)
🍀 Flavonoids and vitamins C (stimulate collagen synthesis and fight against cellular aging)
🍀  Chlorella ( hydrates while detoxifying)
🍀  Sea water (highly purifying)
🍀 SLS-free shampoo

Even with very frequent use, the products remain soft and respectful of the skin and hair.

What benefits can you expect? 

✅ A gentle bath for dogs & cats of all ages (from babies to seniors)
✅ Deeply cleans and sanitizes
✅ Gives a boost of shine to all hairs
✅ Avoid the return of knots  
✅ Intense and immediate nutrition from the first shampoo
 Increases natural defenses to protect the keratin structure
✅ Better shine and a more pleasant feel to the hair
✅ Makes detangling and brushing easier 
✅ Treats oily skin problems by preserving the hydrolipic film without attacking
✅  Allows frequent bathing without any risk for the skin and coat
✅  Helps to give the best version of the hair, regardless of the breed: dogs with volume will keep their natural volume, while silky coated hairs will stay that way, and will be more beautiful than ever!

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