Atlantic mackerel fillets
Atlantic mackerel fillets
Atlantic mackerel fillets

Atlantic mackerel fillets

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100% natural snack for dogs. Ideal as a reward prize. You can also use it for smelling games or as a treat for your dog.

Our mackerel fillets are an easy to chew and digest snack, suitable for any breed or size of dog. Ideal for puppies or for those who are new to natural snacks.

Mackerel fillets are a 100% natural snack made from mackerel suitable for human consumption. They are air dried at a low temperature to progressively remove moisture and extend their shelf life. In this way they become a healthy snack for your dog, since it preserves all its nutrients, aromas and flavors. Your dog will not be able to resist!

In addition, our mackerel fillets are a natural snack that will provide your dog with an extra supply of minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Thanks to its easy-open packaging you can comfortably open the bag anywhere you are.

This snack is also suitable for cats. They love it! As an idea, we recommend you split the mackerel fillets by hand and hydrate the mackerel fillets with a little water. That way they can eat them more easily.

We recommend this natural snack for dogs and cats of all breeds, ages and sizes.

Shipping Time is 2-3 business days.

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