Atlantic Tuna Cecina
Atlantic Tuna Cecina
Atlantic Tuna Cecina

Atlantic Tuna Cecina

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Tuna jerky is a 100% natural dental snack for dogs. This snack is light and medium-high hardness, so it will serve both small and medium-sized dogs, which will keep them entertained for a long time, as well as large dogs or dogs with strong jaws.

Tuna jerky is a 100% natural snack made from the skin and meat of Atlantic tuna. It is air dried at a low temperature to progressively remove moisture and extend its useful life. In this way they become a healthy snack for your dog, since it preserves all its nutrients, aromas and flavors. Your dog will not be able to resist!

Tuna jerky is a perfect dental snack for dogs that have a tendency to chew on objects, as it provides them with a safe and healthy way to satisfy their natural chewing instinct. In addition, it is a great ally to combat stress and boredom.

In addition, our Atlantic tuna jerky will provide your dog with an extra supply of minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Thanks to its easy-open packaging you can comfortably open the bag anywhere you are.

Due to its size and hardness, we recommend this natural snack for small, medium and large dogs.

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