Candy Leash
Candy Leash
Candy Leash
Candy Leash
Candy Leash

Candy Leash

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Bright, spectacular Zee.Dog collection is presented in 3 dynamic versions: CANDY, PACCO and VOLT.

CANDY is already salivating. How about sweet?

The length of the leash is 120 cm, not too long and not too short. Ideal for a safe city walk. Soft polyester is comfortable for hands.

SUPER HOOK™ Zinc Alloy Carabiner locks with screw lock rotation and is frost resistant, 360 degree swivel, does not obstruct the dog's movement.

For a long service life, the rubber logo protects the stitching.

Complete your look with the CANDY print featuring H-harness 

The Zee.Dog brand creates stylish, innovative products that bring people and pets together.


    • Extra Small 1.06cm
    • Small 1.5cm
    • Large 2.5cm


    • Extra Small 122cm
    • Small 122cm
    • Large 122cm
    • Dog leash made of soft and durable teteron polyester.
    • Super Hook™ that's easy to open and close. The hook includes a screw lock for extra safety.
    • Soft on the hands.
    • Rubber logo protects stitches for longer durability.

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