Cat Lick - Tuna Flavor Cream
Cat Lick - Tuna Flavor Cream

Cat Lick - Tuna Flavor Cream

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A creamy-textured treat with tuna flavor will give your cat a delicious meal experience and also be a source of essential fatty acids. Treats with a high moisture content help increase the amount of fluid consumed, which is important for maintaining proper kidney function and preventing dehydration. Liquid treats may have fewer calories than dry treats, making it a great solution for cats who need to lose or maintain a healthy weight. Every cat will be thrilled to receive this treat as a reward for their accomplishments or as a sign of your love for the time spent together. 


Suitable for cats older than 6 weeks

78% tuna meat, 1% potato starch, 2% sunflower oil, 0.05% sodium chloride, water, additives: 30mg taurine, 30mg guar gum, 30mg potassium sorbate

Minimum 9.2% crude protein, minimum 1.5% crude fat, maximum 2.5% crude ash, maximum 2% crude fiber, maximum 83% moisture

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