Catz Finefood Meatz Ostritch
Catz Finefood Meatz Ostritch

Catz Finefood Meatz Ostritch

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Catz finefood Meatz® - The power snack made from grilled meat

With the popular catz finefood Meatz® you can treat your cat to a very special treat. The grilled and then air-dried treats with a very high meat content are irresistible for the four-legged friends and offer them a perfect addition to our wet food.

It's no secret what cats love - namely meat! And this is exactly where this power snack scores with full intensity.

Catz finefood Meatz® use high-quality, juicy meat from Switzerland, which is grilled and then gently air-dried. The result is small strips that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. This consistency is very tempting for your furry friend. Only one valuable ingredient such as aloe vera, propolis, cottage cheese, cranberry, biotin or taurine is added to the meat content of at least 98% per variety. A real treat for cats, because they love the intense meat aroma.

Even if your cat is nutritionally sensitive, you can treat her to the grain-free strips, because they consist of only one animal protein source and are also gluten-free.

The resealable 45 g stand-up pouch ensures that the strips stay fresh for a long time.

Catz finefood Meatz® are produced in Switzerland free of genetic engineering and animal testing. Farmers and pet food manufacturers find the best conditions there to work in an animal-friendly, sustainable and ecological way.

Treat your furry friend to highly sought-after catz finefood Meatz®. They will love it! So delicious! Mmmmeow!

catz finefood – the 4-legged delicacy. Mmmmeow!

Tip: The amount of treats you give your cat should be deducted from the amount of its main food. Otherwise it will get too much of a good thing. Please only give your cat a limited number of treats so that they remain something special for it.
  • Crispy grilled and dried meat strips 
  • At least 98% high-quality meat from Switzerland 
  • Individual varieties contain a special ingredient, such as propolis or aloe vera 
  • High acceptance 
  • Perfect as a high-quality reward or topping 
  • Free from flavourings, colours and preservatives 
  • Grain and gluten free, no added sugar 
  • Resealable 45g bag 
  • 9 monoprotein varieties, 2 mix variants 
  • Made in Switzerland

Ostrich meat 100%

Crude protein 56.8%, fat content 13.9%, crude ash 7.5%, crude fiber 0.2%, moisture 13%

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