Catz Finefood Purrrrly Lamb Hearts
Catz Finefood Purrrrly Lamb Hearts
Catz Finefood Purrrrly Lamb Hearts

Catz Finefood Purrrrly Lamb Hearts

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Catz finefood PURRRRLY - The treat with the intense taste

Our freeze-dried catz finefood PURRRRLY are very special, exquisite treats for cats. One hundred percent pure hearts or shrimps offer your velvet paw full flavor and a crunchy chewing experience.

There are certainly many situations in which you can reward your furry friend. When it sharpens its claws on the scratching post instead of on the sofa, goes to the litter box like a good boy or has simply been sugar-sweet again.

Or maybe you just want to spoil your furry friend. In these cases, our catz finefood PURRRRLY is just the thing, because for our little predators there is nothing more heavenly than the pure taste of fresh meat, fish or seafood.

The gentle and complex freeze-drying process preserves valuable nutrients and the natural aroma.

The weight and consistency change due to the removal of water during this drying process. The result is very light and flavorful pieces that are irresistible even to picky gourmets.

Packed in a handy, resealable bag, the easily digestible snacks stay fresh and aromatic for a long time.

Catz Finefood PURRRRLY is produced in Germany free from GMOs and animal testing.

A natural and pure treat for your little sweet tooth. It doesn't get any better than this!

TIP: You can give your cat catz finefood PURRRRLY as a treat as a reward and motivation, or offer it finely crumbled as a topping on its wet food. If your furry friend is very picky, this is a good way to convince them to try a new food.

  • 100% hearts
  • Gently freeze-dried
  • Nutrients are retained
  • Intense, pure taste
  • Monoprotein
  • Free from any additives
  • Gluten and grain free
  • GMO-free and animal testing-free
  • 4 varieties in airtight, resealable bags
  • Made in Germany

100% lamb hearts

Crude protein 47.8%, fat content 45%, crude ash 3.1%, crude fibre 0.7%

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