Cooling Mat - My Dolce Vita
Cooling Mat - My Dolce Vita
Cooling Mat - My Dolce Vita
Cooling Mat - My Dolce Vita

Cooling Mat - My Dolce Vita

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THE cooling mat for dogs and cats. Without a doubt, your furry friend's best ally during the intense heat of summer. Say goodbye to heatstroke worries with this beautiful cooling mat. ☀️ 

❄️ The cooling mat contains an innovative gel that always stays cool. The freshness of the gel gently evacuates body heat to allow your pup to cool down. 

Simple and practical, you will not need to wet it or put it in the fridge before using it - simply shake the mat to activate the cool! The innovative gel is also activated by pressure so your pet stays fresh all day long.

🩷 We love Ferribiella cooling mats because:

  • 🔥 They absorb body heat
  • 🧊 They gradually cool the animal
  • 🫷 They are activated simply by pressure (no water or freezing required)
  • 🪶 They are lightweight and comfortable - perfect travel or everyday use
  • 🟢 The cooling gel is non-toxic
  • 💕 They are beautiful with a reversible design - 2 patterns in 1!

Perfect for dogs and cats of all ages, breeds, and sizes.

    4 sizes available:

    • XS - 30 x 40 cm
    • S - 50 x 65 cm
    • M - 50 x 90 cm
    • L - 81 x 96 cm 

    Keep your furry friend cool and comfortable this summer with the stylish and effective Ferribiella Cooling Mat from Italy.

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