Cosmic Dog Collar Sharik
Cosmic Dog Collar Sharik
Cosmic Dog Collar Sharik

Cosmic Dog Collar Sharik

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For explorer dogs, dreamer dogs, furry aliens from other galaxies, and all cosmically beautiful dogs! Collar with the inscription COSMIC DOG and the constellation Canis Major, which includes the brightest star in the sky - Sirius. Neon colors, silver thread embroidery.

Measure the dog's neck tightly where you want the collar to be. If your dog's neck is in the middle between two sizes, choose the larger one. If none of the sizes shown fit your dog, or you're not completely sure which size will fit your friend's dog, contact us - we'll help!

The lock with our signature dog is made in Korea by one of the coolest plastic fastex manufacturers in the world! The company specializes in the production of mounts for military, ski and climbing equipment.

The sling from which the collar is sewn is made in America from high-strength nylon. It is both soft and pleasant to the touch and very strong. Tensile strength - 2 tons.

Metal fittings made in Europe specifically for dog collars.

Shipping Time is 2-3 business days.

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