Crunchy Biscuits - Chicken Flavour Filling

Crunchy Biscuits - Chicken Flavour Filling

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Crispy cat biscuits with a chicken flavor filling will prevent your pet's plaque and tartar buildup, refresh their breath and strengthen their jaw. The outside of the biscuits is crispy and the filling is soft and rich in vitamins and proteins. They can be easily used as a reward during training to encourage good behavior and positive attitude.

Rice flour, corn flour, peanut protein powder, chicken powder, fish and shrimp powder, cheese powder, egg yolk powder, butter, fish oil, barley malt powder, sodium chloride, copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, additives: phospholipids 100mg, calcium lactate 200mg, taurine 6mg, Vitamin A 60IU, Vitamin D3 70IU, Vitamin E 5mg, sodium copper chlorophyllin 1.7mg

Crude protein: min 20%, crude fats: min 17%, crude fibers: max 8%, moisture: max 8%

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