Drama Queen from Sharik
Drama Queen from Sharik
Drama Queen from Sharik
Drama Queen from Sharik
Drama Queen from Sharik

Drama Queen from Sharik

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For four-legged girls prone to dramatisation of situations, but charming in their emotionality!

Machine wash 30°.

To find the correct harness size, measure your dog's chest tightly at its widest point, approximately 3-5 cm from the armpit. Next, find the appropriate range in the table. Choose the size that will give you room for adjustment in both directions. Pay attention to the width of the strap. In size S, you can choose between 20mm or 25mm to suit your dog. If none of the sizes shown fit your dog, or you're not completely sure which size will fit your friend's dog, contact us - we'll help!

The harness has five adjustment points for a perfect fit.

The sling from which the harness is sewn is made in America from high-strength nylon. It is both soft and pleasant to the touch and very strong (tensile strength - 2 tons).

The harness is conveniently put on over the dog's head (there is no need, for example, to raise the paws of the animal) and is fastened on the sides with two strong locks. We use locks made in Korea by one of the coolest plastic fastex manufacturers in the world! The company specializes in the production of mounts for military, ski and climbing equipment. So our fastexes are not afraid of mechanical impact and temperature changes. They are curved so that they fit the body of the dog.

Metal fittings made in Europe specifically for dog accessories.

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