Flexi Classic Tape - Blue

Flexi Classic Tape - Blue

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Tape leash is designed for walking dogs, cats and other animals

FLEXI tape have been manufactured in Germany for over 40 years and special attention is paid to ensuring safety and comfort of use:

  • updated ergonomic braking system button
  • patented braking system 
  • reliable carabiner
  • reflective elements

The patented winding and length locking system is an additional convenience that helps control the animal's behavior.

The leash body is made of impact-resistant plastic.

The tape is very easy to use and will bring you even greater joy from the moments spent with your pet.

Size XS tape - 3m to 12kg

Size S tape - 5m to 15kg

Size M tape - 5m to 25kg

Size L tape - 5m up to 50kg

Comfortable braking system

There are moments when in a split second can change everything. flexi braking systems are not only intuitive and smooth, they also react in the split of a second.

Tape guidance system

Thanks to the tape guidance system, which has been perfected through countless tests, the tapes can be extended in all directions without getting jammed.

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