Flexi Comfort Tape - Red-Grey

Flexi Comfort Tape - Red-Grey

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The tape leash provides the dog with freedom of movement, which is beneficial to the health and delight of your four-legged friend.

The tape is very easy to use. Equipped with short-term and permanent fixation buttons.

Durable case, chrome clasp and reflective elements.

The tape automatically rewinds and the leash does not sag during use, does not touch the ground and thus does not get dirty or fray. There is no need to pick up the leash with your hands when the pet comes closer, so your hands are always clean.


  • Particularly sturdy tape
  • perfected tape guidance system
  • adjustable handle (sizes M and L)
  • customisable with Multi Box and LED Lighting System
  • Made in Germany

Size XS - 3m to 12kg

Size S - 5m to 15kg

Size M - 5m to 25kg

Size L - 5m to 60kg

Comfortable braking system

There are moments when in a split second can change everything. flexi braking systems are not only intuitive and smooth, they also react in the split of a second.

Tape guidance system

Thanks to the tape guidance system, which has been perfected through countless tests, the tapes can be extended in all directions without getting jammed.

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