Hair Strip, Ear Powder for Dogs

Hair Strip, Ear Powder for Dogs

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HAIR STRIP is a powder fine and impalpable hair removal created specifically to easily remove hair from the dog's ear.
What benefits can I expect? 
✅ Facilitates hair removal
✅ Allows the ear to stay clean and protected from external aggressions
✅ Smoother, more precise and faster hair removal
 Ideal for show dogs and all hair removal breeds
✅ Optimize the volume by creating a powdery cushion.
✅ Texture creation on dogs whose coat lacks hold, whose softness is a defect

Examples and suggested uses

🔥Sprinkle the product in the desired areas (squeeze the bottle to release a cloud of powder).
🔥Mass the hair on the ears carefully to facilitate the grip.
🔥Pilate using thumb and forefinger or a depilatory knife.

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