KONG Occasions Birthday Teddy
KONG Occasions Birthday Teddy

KONG Occasions Birthday Teddy

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The KONG Occasions Birthday Teddy is a perfect gift for your cat's birthday. This toy is designed to stimulate all of your cat's senses, providing them with hours of fun. The design, which depicts a bear with a 'Happy Birthday' balloon, gives a festive atmosphere. To ensure that your cat is stimulated to play with this festive bear, the balloon makes a crackling sound when touched. In addition, the toy is filled with premium quality catnip, which is a guarantee of great fun for your cat. The toy stimulates your cat's hunting instinct, which is essential for a happy cat.


  • Rope and balloon give even more dynamics during the game
  • Filled with high-quality catnip
  • Festive design for your cat's birthday
  • Balloon makes sound when touched

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