Leash from Wild One - Spurce
Leash from Wild One - Spurce
Leash from Wild One - Spurce
Leash from Wild One - Spurce

Leash from Wild One - Spurce

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Perfect for everyday outings or out-of-town adventures!

Made from super strong, soft-touch, all-weather materials that are comfortable to hold, easy to clean, and dirt- and odor-resistant.

Multiple length adjustments and snap hooks at both ends allow for easy length changes, tandem walks, or quick tie-ups. 

Pairs perfectly with the matching Collar or Harness and Poop Bag Dispenser!


Soft stretch poly base, woven nylon straps, and coated carbon steel D-rings

Cleaning Instructions

🧼👏 Hand wash with mild soap and warm water. Wipe dry with towel or let air dry.

Key Features

Sleek, Sturdy Hardware

Zinc alloy snap hooks at both ends provide a modern look that matches the collar/harness and sturdiness you can rely on.

Multiple Snap Hooks

Easily adjust leash lengths from short to long to accommodate city walks or trail runs. Unclip the handle loop to walk two pups at once!

Dirt, Odor & Water Resistant

A coated nylon strap keeps the leash safe from ugly water damage and damp, smelly conditions - perfect for any adventure.

Product FAQs

To shorten the leash, unclip the handle/wrist loop clip at the wrist loop and attach it to the D-ring closest to your dog's Harness or Collar.

Yes! Wild One Leash is built to handle pullers. That said, please make sure you're using the correct Leash size for your dog. The Regular Leash has a limit for dogs up to 36kg., while the Small Leash is good for dogs 16kg. and under.

Yes, Wild One Leash can be used for leash training.

We recommend attaching your Poop Bag Carrier to the D-ring at the Leash handle. You can slide the Poop Bag Carrier elastic through the ring and then loop the Poop Bad Carrier through the top of the elastic to create a simple knot.

Like most dog products, Wild One Leash is not indestructible against puppy or adult dog teeth. However, the Leash is built to last and is reinforced with a nylon core. If your dog continuously chews on their Leash, this may lead to irreversible damage.


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