Luxury Perfume - Kikinsci

Luxury Perfume - Kikinsci

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The KIKINSCI perfume is an explosion of freshness and vitality, thanks to the notes of lemon, orange, bergamot and blackcurrant, which give a sparkling and spicy aroma. The heart notes of sandalwood, peach blossom, orange blossom and lily of the valley add a touch of elegance and freshness, making this fragrance perfect for a dog who loves nature and outdoor activities. Finally, the notes of white musk and vanilla give personality and character to your four-legged friend, giving an intense and enveloping sensation, with a hint of the East. With just one spray on the tail, KIKINSCI will bring a breath of positive energy into your dog's day, which will accompany him on every adventure. Add KIKINSCI to your dog's grooming routine to give him a touch of liveliness and freshness. This fragrance was created specifically for dogs who love an active life and are always ready for new adventures. Choose KIKINSCI for your dog and give him a unique and unmistakable fragrance, which will make him feel special and loved. His liveliness and light-heartedness will be the perfect choice for an active and dynamic dog like yours!

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