NeoPro Lime Harness
NeoPro Lime Harness
NeoPro Lime Harness
NeoPro Lime Harness
NeoPro Lime Harness
NeoPro Lime Harness

NeoPro Lime Harness

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The NeoPro™ Dog H Harness from Zee.Dog is built with a NeoPro™ rubber overlay that protects the polyester making it extremely weather proof and super easy to clean and maintain. The buckle has a 4 point locking system and the harness can be fully adjusted to fit your dog's body.

The unique technology protects the harness from water and dirt. The textured material is pleasant to the touch and does not rub the dog's skin. Your dog can walk and swim: just rinse the harness with water and it will return to its original appearance.

The fittings of the collection are painted to match the harness. The elements are made in a single color scheme.

Zee.Dog dog harnesses are a good lightweight option for daily walks. A secure buckle with a 4-point locking system prevents the lock from accidentally opening.

Two d-rings on the back for attaching a leash - just choose the one that suits you best.
For a long service life, the rubber logo protects the stitching. Has a large margin of adjustment: suitable for puppies that grow quickly. You can change the girth of the neck, chest and the length of the straps on the stomach.

Complete your look with the NeoPro Lime Leash!

The Zee.Dog brand creates functional, innovative products that are comfortable for people and pets.

  • Fully adjustable
  • Adjusts to the next size up - great for puppies that are growing!
  • Buckle is built with a 4-point locking system for added safety
  • Two d-ring options on the back
  • Rubber logo protects stitching for longer durability

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