Oxtail - Natural Dog Snack
Oxtail - Natural Dog Snack

Oxtail - Natural Dog Snack

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Mr Bones' oxtail is an irresistible delicacy for your furry friend, 100% natural and very crunchy. Suitable for all dogs, with a thinner part and a thicker part. It is covered in meat and has an aroma that your furry friend will not be able to resist.

If your dog has a tendency to  bite objects,  oxtail is a safe and healthy way to satisfy his  natural chewing instinct.

  • Prevents and eliminates tartar.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Low in fat, perfect for dogs with a tendency to be overweight.
  • Medium hardness.
  • High content of calcium, phosphorus and minerals.

Format: 1 oxtail split in two / 2 x approximately 12-16 cm

Ingredients: 100% oxtail

As these are natural products, the size and weight may vary.

Always remember to give all snacks under supervision.

Store in a dry and cool place, preferably in airtight containers (preferably glass, although any will do). You can put it in the refrigerator or freeze if it takes you too long to give it to your furry friend.

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