Petit Coco - Water Toy
Petit Coco - Water Toy
Petit Coco - Water Toy
Petit Coco - Water Toy
Petit Coco - Water Toy
Petit Coco - Water Toy

Petit Coco - Water Toy

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The Petit 'Coco' is an outdoor water toy for small or young dogs which are bursting with energy. The highly flexible rubber shell encourages chewing and the soft sponge provides even more fun.

By placing the 'Coco' in the water, the sponges will fill up and release the water by chewing the toy! The toy can also be filled with water and placed in the fridge so that your dog has an ice-cold toy for those hot summer days or to relieve teething pain.

  • Pain relieving or refreshing water toy
  • Hard-wearing, elastic TPE rubber and water-absorbent sponge
  • Suitable for fridge and dishwasher
  • Ergonomic design and visible colour
  • For puppies and small dogs
  • Size 11x6x6 cm
The perfect gift for your new family member!

Proudly we present to you. The PETIT range.
5 different toys, each having their own unique look and funtions. All available in 3 different pastel colours which are clearly visible for dogs!
Their names are: 
Balu • Chico • Coco • Lola • Milo

Pick one, or more, and prepare for a tsunami of happiness when giving it to man’s best friend!

Durable TPE rubber / Crack & perforation resistant

Every toy is made out of the same high-quality and durable TPE rubber and can endure the brute force of a puppy’s jaw.

Visible colour

No need to worry if the dog can see the toy well.These 3 colours are known to be one of the few colours which a dog can perceive. 

Good grip

Due to the good TPE rubber the pups will have maximum grip when playing with the toy. These toys are 100% safe & BPA free.

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