Poop Bags Wild One
Poop Bags Wild One
Poop Bags Wild One
Poop Bags Wild One

Poop Bags Wild One

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Six rolls of ten bags, 60 bags total. Designed to take care of business after your dog takes care of theirs, our eco-friendly, blush-colored bags are made with a corn starch blend, extra thick, leak proof, and unscented. Add a poop bag carrier to complete the look!



Eco-friendly plant-based starch blend

Cleaning Instructions

🧼👏 Hand wash with mild soap and warm water. Wipe dry with towel or let air dry.

Key Features

Totally Leak Proof

Needless to say, the most important feature, these bags are built to do their job and do it well, so keep calm and walk on.

Easy tear Seam

Designed with a very visible and easy to tear seam between bags so you're never struggling while your dog is doing their business.

Plant-Based Baggies

Made from corn starch blend, these buttery-soft poop bags are earth-friendly and extra thick to trap in odours and make pick-ups more enjoyable.

Product FAQs

Wild One Poop Bags are designed to break down through natural processes after one year. The expiration date can be found on the box and on stickers on each individual roll.

Yes, these Poop Bags do expire. The baggies expire after one year. An expiration date is noted on each box.

That's totally up to you! This depends how often your dog goes to the bathroom, how often you walk them, how many dogs you have. But, it's always better to have extras than to run out!

We recommend attaching your Poop Bag Carrier to the D-ring at the Leash handle. You can slide the Poop Bag Carrier elastic through the ring and then loop the Poop Bad Carrier through the top of the elastic to create a simple knot.

Wild One bags are unscented, but currently do not use odor-trapping technology.


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