Yummy Beef
Yummy Beef
Yummy Beef

Yummy Beef

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80% meat | 20% vegetables, fruit & superfoods | 0% additives & grains A tasty and fragrant complete food for discerning adult dogs. With fresh beef as the main ingredient, this wet food is rich in protein, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. In addition, the recipe includes sweet potato, blackcurrant, yucca and flaxseed oil to completely cover your dog's full nutritional needs. Can be served alone or together with dry food.   Which dogs are Yummy Beef suitable for? ✔️ All adult dogs ✔️ Picky dogs ✔️ Dogs with dental problems Free from additives, grains and gluten.

  • Beef – High in protein and full of healthy fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.
  • Pumpkin – High fiber content, which promotes digestion. Rich in vitamins A and C which support both eye health and immune system.
  • Black Currants – Antimicrobial properties, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Free from additives, grains and gluten.

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All ingridients

Beef (80%), sweet potato (12%), pumpkin (5%), dried blackcurrants (2%), vitamins and minerals (1%).


Protein 10%, fat 8.8%, liquid content 76%, ash 3.5% and fiber 1%.

Feeding Guide

Dogs Weight (kg) - Daily intake (g/day)

5kg - 200g

10kg - 400g

15kg - 600g

20kg - 800g

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