Our Services & Price Guide

Regular Care

Includes brushing, washing, drying, hygienic haircut, stripping / haircut / super-shedding. Each procedure will be customised to your dog's needs; size, breed, grooming history, stage and coat condition, medical conditions, age and behaviour.

Service Price

Puppy Grooming Training (Up to 6 months)

*Vet Passport Necessary


Small Breed (<5kg)

*Average time 1.5-2hrs


Medium Breed (5kg-20kg)

*Average time 2-3hrs


Large Breed (>20kg)

*Average time 3-4hrs


Hand Stripping (All Breeds)


Hand Stripping After Cutting (All Breeds)


Model Cut (All Breeds)


Cat Grooming

*Includes washing, brushing/shaving as requested


Additional Services Price

Nail Clipping


Hair Removal from Ears


Detangling (Combing)


Scrubs to improve skin quality

  • Small Breed
  • Medium Breed
  • Large Breed



Each spa treatment is individually tailored foreach animal in addition to their regular careappointment.

Our groomers will find the best procedure for your dog or cat.


Some of the procedures are available in our "Spa Bath":

  • Ozone bath for peeling and skin care, relaxation, coat care.
  • Hydromassage to relieve pain.
  • Detox and care of dogs with Alopecia X (stimulation of hair regrowth)

*Spa Complex Procedure is an additional hour to the regular grooming.

Terms & Conditions

  • Grooming Services are by appointment only.
  • Appointments can be made via a telephone or WhatsApp.
  • 24-hour advance notice required for any rescheduling or cancellation.
  • The Paws Up Team reserves the right to refuse your pet if they show signs of illness or aggression that may endanger our staff, customers or other pets.
  • Prices stated are approximate and can vary depending on condition of your pet's coat and their behaviour when being groomed.

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