Glo Handsfree Leash
Glo Handsfree Leash
Glo Handsfree Leash
Glo Handsfree Leash
Glo Handsfree Leash

Glo Handsfree Leash

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The GLO Hands-Free Leash is a fluorescent hands-free leash that can be worn around your waist or across your body or used as a regular long leash. Simply move the adjustable slider to change how you wear this no-hands leash. The bright fluorescent color ensures safer walks both day and night. The E.zee lock allows you to tether your dog to a bench, table, etc. when you need to without having to remove the leash. This hands-free leash provides both your dog and you with a more enjoyable walking experience

Length: 118.8cm - 239cm

  • Lightweight hands-free dog walking rope leash that allows you to stay connected even while walking your dog.
  • Use on your waist, shoulder or even as a regular leash with the easy to adjust E.zee lock buckle.
  • Metal hook on the leash that's easy to open and close.

High visibility fluorescent color that helps keep you safe day and night.


Adjust the leash so it is most comfortable for you.

E-Zee Lock

Convenient adjustable closure that allows you to tether the leash wherever you want without having to unleash your dog.


Easy to open and close the hook. The super light metal ensures safety and adds comfort.

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